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In 3 words I can sum up everything I know about life:

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- Robert Frost

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unfamiliar Friend Visits Unfamiliar Island

An update is better than no update :P Here it is a replacement of the cockroach post before this :D It was mid-semester break and I've been somewhat dragged along into a trip (I'm a replacement for someone who ffked my friend). The day before the trip to Pulau Tioman, we depart to Melaka first as it would be nearer for us to leave from this place. Since we have a friend who came from South Africa, we need to go through the ritual of being a tourist in Melaka:

What else? Satay celup!!

and Jonker Walk.. he got himself some Alien vs Predators figurines and an Angry Bird slippers -.-"

Next, to the fountain!

This is my first time taking this scene using my GF1 xD The quality is wayyyyyy better!

  Melaka is getting brightly lit every single time I return..

The next morning, I think we departed around 8AM and thanks to my mad driving skills, we managed to catch the 11.30AM ferry to the island. Our first stop, a random stall opposite the jetty to fill our stomachs xD

 Then we took the free shuttle bus provided by Berjaya to their resort

This is what we are supposed to stay in but..
We got upgraded to the golf club resort due to some technicalities..

The comfortable bed that I slept for 3 nights xD

The view from the balcony

The toilet in the bathroom

The bathtub in the bathroom which I didn't use it at all.. I used the shower in the toilet =.=

The goodies at this sink replenish everyday :D

The slippers that I almost wear out several times -.-"

Room number..

Took a walk on the beach and realized that it is so freaking CLEAN and BLUE!

Chillaxing beside the beach with a bottle of beer..

Tough luck to see the sunset on the horizon

First night, we had dinner outside the resort.. the restaurant name is Chinese Seafood Restaurant.. how vague =.=

Chicken of not niceness!

The abysmal vegetable!

The almost tasteless squid!

The bland crab!

I think the best dish in this restaurant is this grilled fish.. Others IMHO SUCKS!!!

After dinner we played pool..

Look at the stars! Well.. you must see it with your own eyes.. picture can't capture everything :D

The next day, we went snorkeling.. it's my first time snorkeling and after a few hours in the water I feel a little seasick LOL!!

You can clearly see the fishes from above!!

Just look at how clean the water is!!!

Our mode of transportation..

They even have this big statue here in this island.. are they trying to copy the eagle statue in Langkawi?

After snorkeling, we chillax again at the Berjaya beach.. with coke instead of beer this time :D

I think I got no fate with sunset over the horizon..

2nd night and dinner this time at Chinese Sarang Seafood.. such odd name..

My verdict about this place? It is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the one we had on the first night. However, it is quite troublesome to get here from the resort as it is not conveniently located outside the resort like the restaurant we had on the first night but need to get through the hill before entering the Berjaya resort..

Pool again after dinner!

Next day, we went for an excursion in the island in a truck like when I was in Sungai Lembing.. Please don't comment anything about the pants.. it's not mine to begin with..

First stop, Juara beach.. this beach is not as nice as Berjaya's beach.. but it's kinda funny here as we witness some Brazilians quarreling over football game every minute they play.. I think they spend more time quarreling than playing football haha..

Next stop, Juara turtle centre!!

WOOT! I actually touched a life turtle =D

The hatchery..

The baby turtle is so darn cute!!

Our third stop, some waterfall.. I almost lose my sunglasses here :\

Like Sungai Lembing, the tyre decided to puncture..

But we made it to the final stop which is.. snorkeling again at the marine park -.-"

I'm sort of suffering from sea sick still so I decided to explore the other side of the hill next to the snorkeling area.. It was such a nice place!

As always.. no sunset beyond the horizon... ARGH! managed to take some nice photos though..

I wonder what this is for.. they pump sea water for us to bath and drink ar? LOL!

Decided to explore more of this place.. I wonder who lives up there..

I make this picture extra big so you can read the legend..

Such spooky golf area..

Last night here and we decided to splurge~ buffet time! I ate freaking lot of lamb chop, satay, etc.. I think that explains the high uric acid in my body -.-"

I took this by accident? I think? See that lady there.. she must have stuffed herself too much ROFLMAO!!

Final day here.. had breakfast in a Malay restaurant outside the resort.. and a group picture after that!

We went to feed the fishes again and after that we checked out and return back to where we belong~

Well the journey doesn't end there.. I tagged along going to Batu Caves since I never been there before haha..

I can climb the place without any problem but somehow after reaching the top I started to feel weird and I rested awhile before continuing on into the cave..

There are monkeys everywhere!!

Poor tourist can't eat their ice cream in peace LOL!

Salute this woman climbing up with high heels!!

Dark Cave tour..

That is how deep it goes..

As you know.. caves.. -.-"
Nothing much to see but still gained some knowledge as there's a guide explaining stuffs to us..

Peace out!

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